Sheila O'Shea's Annual 21st Birthday Celebration!

27th anniversary of my 21st birthday

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Noon to Midnight.

The Usual Place.

WHEREAS, Miss Sheila O'Shea was born on Flag Day, 1970 and doesn't mind admitting it to people, and

WHEREAS, certain people have come to expect that her birthday party will be an annual event:

THEREFORE LET IT BE KNOWN that Miss O'Shea will be having her Annual 21st Birthday Celebration on the 16th of June, 2018.

The doors will be open from noon to midnight, to accommodate the schedules of her varied social circle and the fact that her home is the approximate size of an IKEA display. Instead of The Beatles Anthology, this year's entertainment will be every other Beatles-related DVD in Miss O'Shea's collection, including but not limited to:

Once again, the Mathom Pile will be in play. Click the link for the current rules.

The invite guest is limited in order to avoid Geek Social Fallacy #4 Because of this, please do not invite anybody on Miss O'Shea's behalf, even if you know that she knows them. Spouses, significant others and children (as long as they're yours) are welcome; entourages are not. (Keep in mind that the domicile is not childproofed.)

If you have not received an email, please use the contact form to request an invitation. Thank you!